Liquid Chlorophyll Drops Chlorophyll Liquid Organic from Mulberry Leaves w/ Copper 4X Absorption vs Chlorophyll Capsules- Heart, Digestive, Immune System Health Natural Internal Deodorizer 2oz 2-Pack

  • $37.44
  • ✅ HELPS GUARD YOUR HEART - Our hearts are incredibly hardworking and undergo a lot of stress. Chlorophyll supplements assist it by helping maintain normal cholesterol and blood pressure levels.
  • ✅ SUPPORTS INTESTINAL and STOMACH HEALTH - Looking to drop a few pounds? Some studies show that chlorophyll can help manage healthy, normal weight levels by suppressing our appetite and cravings.
  • ✅ FEEL & SMELL FRESHER - Chlorophyll is a known internal deodorant that helps flush away and neutralize odor-causing organisms. That means it can help neutralize bad body odors, gas, and breath.
  • ✅ AIDS YOUR IMMUNE RESPONSE - with Copper to support red blood cells, stronger bones, protect and repair cells.
  • ✅ COPPER CHLOROPHYLL, which is a type that the human body can better absorb and utilize.