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Nascent Iodine Supplement 2694mcg | Organic Liquid Iodine Drops by Healthy Genetics Potent Formula to Support Healthy Thyroid | 2.0 fl oz

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  • BOOSTS METABOLISM, AIDS WEIGHT LOSS - Lose those extra pounds! Our nascent iodine supplement helps promotes the health of the thyroid, which regulates hormone production and helps rev up metabolism.

  • ✅ INCREASES ENERGY LEVELS - This liquid iodine supplement helps improve your overall health. With sustained energy throughout the day, you get to keep exhaustion at bay. You’ll feel the difference!

  • ✅ PROMOTES BETTER BRAIN FUNCTION - Our nascent iodine drops help improve endocrine functions that regulate emotions, sleep, body temperature and mood. Enjoy better mental clarity and focus!

  • ✅ REPLENISHES IODINE DEFICIENCY - Lack of iodine can make you feel weak. It also causes dry skin and brittle hair and nails. Our potent iodine drops will help you look and feel great!

  • POTENT FORMULATION, READILY ABSORBED - Our liquid nascent drops supplement is readily absorbed by your body. It contains no sugar, starch, salt, wheat, gluten, yeast, milk or soy derivatives.