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Best Liquid Probiotics for Kids & Toddlers | Prebiotic + Probiotics + Ginger Root for Digestive Health | Acidophilus Probiotic | Dairy Free | Immune Support | Vegan | Non-GMO | Gluten Free | 30-60 Servings

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  • βœ… ONCE DAILY PROBIOTICS FOR KIDS: All Natural Prebiotic & Probiotic formula to completely support digestive health, intestinal tract & immune system.
  • βœ… PREBIOTIC + PROBIOTICS + GINGER: Organic Prebiotic + 12 probiotic strains with Ginger Root. Our Ginger Root contains Gingerol one of the oldest medicinal herbs and antioxidants and may help with bloating, inflammation and digestion.
  • βœ… FORMULATED FOR KIDS & TODDLERS: This formula is specially designed for childrens specific health needs with unsurpassed quality & value
  • βœ… SHELF STABLE & ACID PROTECTION: Our shelf-stable liquid probiotics are protected in dark amber glass bottle to ensure probiotics stability. Stomach Acid protection allows probiotics to survive stomach acid and reach deep into the intestine. Refrigeration not required.
  • βœ… MADE IN USA: All Healthy Genetics products are manufactured and packaged in the USA.